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The ROI on UX is a no-brainer. Every $1 invested in UX yields a $2-$100 return. These are some user research studies I've run, and the user personas I built from the results. 


Deliverable: User Personas for Primary User

Bitwise: A developer tool for visualizing and manipulating bit fields numbers.

The Problem: Working with bit field values takes toggling back and forth between several different windows, and it can get unmanageable. 

Goals for the Interview: To understand the day-to-day workflow, physical work environment, and general work habits and preferences of a systems level programmer.

    General Observations from the Interviews:

    • Frequently had to perform the same basic operations on a series of numbers.
    • Regularly opens a new window for "scratch" on a problem, then forgets which window correlated with which tasks.
    • Doesn't like to keep track of windows but also doesn't like to lose work. 
    • Gets annoyed at having to copy/paste back and forth between different windows.

    One Two: A shared budgeting app for couples.

    The Problem: Combining finances with another person is often a stressful and antagonistic experience. Multiple people can't co-manage their income, spending, and assets in a sophisticated way. 

    Goals for the Interview:  To understand a couple's latent desires around managing both individual and joint finances; a couple's day-to-day workflows for managing their finances; different types of financial arrangements between couples;  general attitudes about finances and spending. 

    General Observations from the Interviews:

    • Nobody feels like they earn enough money, even the very wealthy couples.
    • Many couples choose to not actively manage their finances because doing so causes tension. 
    • Even among married couples, there are a variety of ways that finances are merged, if they are merged at all. 
    • For couples making a combined income of >$350k, managing cash flow is a bigger concern than managing wealth or overall financial performance. 

    Deliverable: User Persona for Primary User

    Deliverable: User Persona for Primary User

    ShowHawk: A social tool to explore and share your local indie live music scene.

    The Problem: Finding local shows to go to takes some logistical work.

    Goals for the Interview: To understand the workflow for finding new shows to go to; how users decide on which shows to go to; what users like about live music in general.

    General Observations from the Interviews:

    • Plans to go to a show are often only made a few days in advance. 
    • Finding friends to go with is a huge part of the experience.
    • Coordinating between friends taking into account everybody's schedule and musical tastes is a major pain point. 
    • Meeting new people and being part of the scene is a major component of going to shows.